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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Larscheidt

Nick started volunteering for PI in September of 2018. He is an avid animal lover and reached out to volunteer at PI because of this. Nick is a Certified Veterinary Technician in Madison, WI and works at a general practice as well as an emergency clinic. When not busy with work, Nick enjoys hiking, camping, reading and watching movies with his adorable cat named Stuart.


“I was inspired to volunteer at PI because of the founder, Amy Kerwin. I help take care of her furry kids at work, and I learned about the sanctuary and the primates they care for through chatting with Amy. The concept and idea really motivated me to give back to these primates that have given so much to us. We have been able to make so many advances in human and animal medicine because of them, and I believe that they deserve to be able to retire to a sanctuary. Watching the sanctuary grow and develop has truly been amazing, in addition to learning about primate behavior and observing them. Two of my favorite tasks are making up produce meals for the monkeys and watching them forage or interact with their enrichment.”


Thanks so much for your help, Nick! The monkeys and humans are grateful!