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Volunteer With Us!

The purpose of the Primates Incorporated volunteer program is to engage the local community in providing quality care to monkeys retiring from research facilities, pet monkey ownerships, and the entertainment industry. There are many options to achieve this, from grant editing to outdoor chores like gardening and landscaping. And sweating isn’t even mandatory!

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Volunteers staining picnic table
Volunteer planting

Property Care Volunteer

Perhaps you would consider coordinating a gardening group work day with your friends or family? Property care volunteers are great for individuals who enjoy landscaping, gardening, and general maintenance. As a property care volunteer, you will play a valuable role in making Primates Inc. sanctuary grounds a beautiful and welcoming place for human and non-human primates. You will be assisting the maintenance staff, participating in a volunteer group work day, or working independently – depending on skills and needs of the sanctuary. We need to plant as much vegetation for the monkeys and we need many hands to do it! Thank you!


Off-site Volunteers

Off-site volunteer roles are perfect for individuals who are unable to make a regular time commitment but want to contribute to the sanctuary. After getting direction from a Primates Inc. volunteer coordinator, you will be able to create exciting enrichment, collect produce donations, distribute and manage donation boxes, initiate your own fundraiser, or implement a fundraiser already designed.

Volunteers busking during Halloween for Primates Inc.
Volunteers at Primates Inc.

Special Event Volunteers

Special event volunteers play a vital role in our ability to do community outreach while raising much needed funds for our monkeys. Primates Inc. strives to continuously outreach and participate in local community events. In order to do this, we need volunteers who are willing to assist with the set up and tear down of our booth, handle merchandise sales, and familiarize themselves with talking points to help raise awareness and funds for our sanctuary. This position is also open to independently scheduled events by the volunteers after collaborating with the volunteer coordinator.


Administrative Volunteers

Administrative volunteers are also able to work off site, and assist the Executive Director in researching funding resources, editing documents, and writing topic summaries.


Animal Care Volunteer

Animal care volunteers have the opportunity to assist primate caregiving staff with animal care and husbandry tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning enclosures, creating enrichment, and ensuring the monkeys are enjoying their retirement. For this position we ask our volunteers commit to at least one volunteer shift per month for a minimum of 12 months or two volunteer shifts per month for a minimum of 6 months. We also work with college students who are looking to volunteer a certain number of hours to obtain animal care experience and fulfill internship requirements.

*As of 3/4/2024, we are thankful to have many wonderful Animal Care Volunteers and are at capacity! However, we will be in need of a Monday 9am-12pm Animal Care Volunteer in May. If you would like to fill out the application to be placed on a waitlist for any day of the week, please contact Animal Care Manager Fallon Mullen at! Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Primates Inc!

Behavioral Research Volunteer

Behavioral research volunteers have a unique opportunity to participate in an ongoing behavioral study aimed at monitoring the monkeys’ long term well-being as they adjust to sanctuary life. You will be trained to recognize many different primate behaviors and record and input behavioral data while working closely with the Primate Behavior Specialist. Experience with primates and in evaluating animal behavior is preferred (but not required) as the position requires extensive training. For this position we ask our volunteers commit to at least two volunteer shifts per month for a minimum of 12 months. Please contact Animal Care Manager Fallon Mullen at if you are interested and would like to fill out an application.

Sue Barry

Volunteering Professionals

Volunteering professionals are for professionals who would like to provide their skills to contribute to the sanctuary. We welcome the help of professionals in a number of fields such as landscaping, technicians, lawyers, plumbers, mechanics, arborists, artists, painters, carpenters, journalists etc; They may consider increasing their involvement by becoming a member of our advisory board.