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Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck Stonecipher

We are so grateful to Chuck for supporting Primates Incorporated in a variety of amazing ways! He is definitely a top MVP (most valuable primate!) at Primates Incorporated.

We asked Chuck why he supports the sanctuary in addition to many other wonderful causes, and he said:

“As a retired primate, I choose to promote respect for the interdependent web of life and all existence of which we are a part. As for Primates Incorporated, I draw my inspiration from the founder, Amy Kerwin, and her tireless efforts to engage the community to make something constructive happen – and succeeding! Her heartfelt desire to provide sanctuary for those monkeys who dedicated their lives to help their fellow primates is exemplary.”

-Chuck Stonecipher, 10-16-2019

Chuck the Amazing Supporter

Ribbon Cutting for the PI Education Center donated by Chuck – June 2019.  Photo credit: Robert Streiffer

Chuck the Amazing Supporter

Climate Strike, September 2019. Photo Credit: Tim Cordon