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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Since it is national volunteer week, we want to take a moment to thank the dedicated volunteers who help the monkeys at the Primates Incorporated sanctuary. The care staff and volunteers ensure the monkeys have clean enclosures, healthy/abundant diets, and plenty of enrichment. Here are some shots of the happy retirees from the past few months that are a direct result of so many caring humans who are involved. Thank you! 🌸🌻💐 #givingback #monkeys #sanctuary #communtiy #effort #volunteers

Mars in his hammock overseeing operations.


Noah and Maddie celebrating Maddie’s 8th birthday!


Curious Timon – “what enrichment do you have for me today?”


Timon grooming Mars in their spacious and enriching indoor enclosure.


Izzle and his enrichment.


Batman enjoying his chew toy stuffed with coconut flakes and peanut butter.


A rare snapshot of Jojo resting and enjoying his greenhouse enclosure. We usually have to take videos, because he is very fast and loves to play!


Bella enjoying part of her PM produce. MMM broccoli! All you humans out there: be like Bella!