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Saying Goodbye to Fargo

By 08/27/2023October 7th, 2023News

Dear Caring Supporters,

With heavy hearts, we share the news that our sweet friend and sanctuary resident, Fargo, passed away in the overnight hours of Monday, July 24th of heart complications. Please know we did everything we could, which included taking extraordinary measures, to help him. Despite these efforts, Fargo passed away peacefully.

Fargo became a sanctuary resident in 2021 when he arrived from an out-of-state lab at age 16. He had a gentle nature, and some of his favorite things about sanctuary life were getting back scratches from staff, opening sack lunches and foraging through straw for treats, enjoying warm baby cereal with fresh fruit, and eating a variety of fresh produce. He also loved traveling between his outdoor and greenhouse enclosures. We are so very glad that Fargo was able to achieve sanctuary and enjoy a calm, nurturing environment in his later days.

Thank you to all – including our generous donors — who made it possible for Fargo to spend his last years in sanctuary.

As you can imagine, our team of staff and volunteers are all devastated by this loss and will need time to heal. Here are some pictures of Fargo enjoying his time at Primates Inc. Thank you, again, for all you have done to make sanctuary possible for Fargo. Let’s keep working together so that every monkey has the chance to achieve sanctuary and enjoy many days filled with ease and peace.

With deep gratitude,
Amy Kerwin, Founder
Primates Incorporated


In Loving Memory of Fargo


The Friendly Rhesus Monkey

His sweet personality and love for the outdoors will forever be in our hearts.

Remembering Fargo together as a community keeps his memory very much alive. His unique personality made an impact on staff, volunteers, and his fellow resident monkeys. We will continue to honor his memory and the gift of his presence by continuing to provide the best possible care for the 12 monkeys in residence. By continuing to come together as a community of caring humans, we help make it possible for all monkeys in need to find sanctuary just as Fargo did.