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Volunteer Spotlight: Marie Reid

I live in the village of Plainfield, Wisconsin, which is 25 miles from the sanctuary. I have five children ages 16-26. I have worked in food service for the last 30 years and am now finding time to pursue other interests.

I have always been interested in primates and was excited to hear that the Primates Incorporated Sanctuary was so close to my home. I felt compelled to participate in supporting their efforts in any way I could. I completely agree with Amy’s position that these lab monkeys deserve to be retired after all of the good they have done for our society. The entire team at Primates Incorporated is very impressive, they all care deeply about the monkeys. I have learned so much from them.

I have been volunteering weekly at the sanctuary since July 2019 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It is very rewarding to know that the monkeys are being well taken care of. Seeing them enjoy their enrichment and their meals is the best time of the day. I also enjoy my continued conversation with Izzle.

Thanks so much for all that you do for Primates Incorporated, Marie! The monkeys and humans greatly appreciate you!