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Building Their Future Campaign

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Gentle Ganesha exploring his environment.

Dear Caring Humans,

As you might imagine, we’ve been pretty busy getting to know our new colony members and making them feel welcome!

Hanuman and Ganesha joined us this past December, both coming from an out-of-state lab. They were greeted at the sanctuary with curiosity and the happy lip smacks of 11 new friends. We couldn’t be more excited to have them here!

The sad part is that they will probably be the last two monkeys who can join us until we complete our second monkey building–and we were recently contacted to help 7 more monkeys!

Hanuman and Ganesha both have a generally calm demeanor, especially Ganesha, who is more submissive, so we are hopeful we can pair them with other residents in time. We try to do this whenever possible to maximize social bonding opportunities and make the best use of the space we have, but this is a difficult process, especially with Rhesus Macaques, and we have to be very careful. The process could take years. We need more space as soon as possible!

We’re launching the Building Their Future campaign to raise $550,000 to complete our next monkey building! 

The good news is, we’re almost halfway there!

Handsome Hanu, feeling safe in sanctuary.
Thanks to generous donations from three foundations, we are nearly halfway to our goal! We have the building plans and are getting ready to break ground on this new building, which will include an indoor housing facility that could accommodate an additional 30 monkeys and provide them with access to outdoor enclosures and all-season greenhouses.

Please help us take this critical next step making sanctuary possible for many more monkey residents here at Primates Incorporated.
Amy Kerwin, Founder
Primates Incorporated
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