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Would you like to retire a monkey?

Wouldn’t it improve employee morale if researchers could see the monkeys live out their last days with dignity in spacious and enriching environments?

Retirement is good for the monkeys and humans.

Thank you for wanting to plan for the retirement of the monkeys under your care! If it is your first time retiring monkeys from your laboratory and you would like to be connected with other researchers who have retirement programs in place, please let us know. We would be happy to connect you so that you can develop a standardized primate retirement program without having to painstakingly start from scratch.

If you are interested in retiring a monkey from a research facility: we require a clean bill of health, a vasectomy for male primates (Ex. a long-term and gradual socialization goal for rhesus monkeys would be multi-male/multi-female troops at the sanctuary and we do not allow breeding), and a negative tb test within 10 days before departure to the sanctuary. We will create a waiting list of six months to prepare the environment and enclosure. We also do request funding as it costs a lot to provide specialized care to monkeys for the rest of their lives.

If you are a pet monkey owner looking to retire your monkey, we will discuss the situation and funding strategy. If a retirement commitment is made, we will create a waiting list and require a clean bill of health/physical from a veterinarian, vasectomy for male monkeys, and negative tb test within 10 days before departure to the sanctuary. If you are having a difficult time obtaining a veterinarian, please let us know, we may be able to connect you with a clinic to ensure the monkey receives a full physical.

Please keep these factors in mind when considering a sanctuary for your pet monkey:

-Retiring a pet monkey can be very stressful. Note that you will be saying goodbye to your monkey as there can no longer be personal interaction between previous owners and former pet monkeys. Our goal is for the monkey retirees to spend their time in sanctuary learning from other monkeys and displaying natural behaviors. That means part of their rehabilitation process is encouraging them to socialize and interact with other monkeys and not with humans. You can still see them regularly on facebook, become a sponsor of them if you wish to receive videos and updates throughout the year, or view from a distance during events at the sanctuary.
-We will be asking you to donate toward the cost of care of retiring your monkey. The sanctuary costs over $10,000 to run each month to provide quality care to primates, and your monkey would be spending the rest of their life in our care.

Please contact to discuss your retirement details. Thanks!

Providing specialized care to primates is very costly. Please share our donation link with your friends and family to help support their lifetime care.