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Would you like to send a monkey to a sanctuary?

Increasingly, research facilities are choosing to send their monkeys to sanctuaries at the conclusion of certain studies. Those who have made such a commitment understand the ethical value of giving these animals an opportunity to live out their days with dignity and in peace.


Thank you for considering sanctuary for the monkeys under your care! If this is your first time attempting to move monkeys from a laboratory to a sanctuary facility and you would like to be connected with other researchers who have experience doing this, please let us know. We would be happy to connect you so that you get access to the resources you need and, if appropriate, develop a standardized process for your research facility.


Monkeys from research facilities: Primates Incorporated requires that each incoming monkey has a clean bill of health, has undergone a vasectomy if a male*, and has a negative TB test within 10 days before departure to the sanctuary. Note that we require six months to prepare incoming monkeys’ indoor and outdoor enclosures. We also request a one-time contribution of $15,000 that covers 1.5 years of care for the monkey and enclosure modifications. We have to pay for the lifetime care of each monkey and so the support of the community is vital in our mission.


To learn how one laboratory helps animals achieve sanctuary, please watch this presentation: The 4th R: Rehoming, Retirement and Release 


Pet monkeys: If you are a pet monkey owner looking to place your monkey in sanctuary, we will talk with you to create a specialized transition plan and funding strategy. Once you have committed to sending your monkey to Primates Incorporated, we will create a waiting list, as we require six months to prepare the indoor and outdoor enclosures. We also require that incoming monkeys have a clean bill of health, receive a physical from a veterinarian, undergo a vasectomy if male*, and have a negative TB test within 10 days before departure to the sanctuary. If you are having a difficult time finding a veterinarian, please let us know. We may be able to connect you with a clinic to ensure your monkey receives a full physical.


Please keep these factors in mind when considering sanctuary for your pet monkey:

  • Transitioning your pet monkey to a sanctuary can be very stressful. Note that you will be saying goodbye to your monkey; owners can no longer interact with their monkey after he or she arrives at the sanctuary. Our goal is that resident monkeys will spend their time learning from each other and learning to display natural behaviors. That means part of their rehabilitation process is encouraging them to socialize and interact with other monkeys and not with humans. You can still see them regularly on Facebook, become their sponsor if you wish to receive videos and updates throughout the year, or visit them from a distance during sanctuary events and tours.
  • We will be asking you to donate to their cost of care. It costs over $10,000 per year to provide specialized care for one monkey, and your monkey will be spending the rest of its life under our care.


*This procedure is necessary to prevent breeding, as our long-term and gradual goal is to create multi-male/multi-female troops among the resident monkeys.