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Are the monkeys noisy?

Monkeys are quiet most of the time while they perform their most common social activities: foraging and grooming one another.

  • They all are collectively loud just before feeding times (primate “cheers” from excitement)
  • The monkeys will be fed indoors twice daily – once in morning and once at night
  • During nighttime feeding, the monkeys will cooperatively enter their indoor enclosures for the night
  • They can be loud when encountering a disruption of some kind like a train or a flock of birds (may hear a few warning calls to each other)
  • They are loud if there is a conflict in the group which usually sorts itself out in a few minutes

We will attempt to minimize noise by:

  • Building enclosures as far in from the perimeter of the property as possible
  • Planting additional trees around enclosures and perimeter to help minimize noise
  • Primates will be housed indoors at night so no outside noise will be heard after 7pm