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Welcome, Rocky and Fargo!

Primates Incorporated welcomes two amazing male rhesus monkeys! They were sent to the sanctuary from a laboratory after months of planning and coordination.
Please welcome:

Rocky ripping open his ‘sack lunch’ containing timothy hay and dried fruit and nuts.

Here he is with food crumbs on his mouth!

Rocky enjoys eating a variety of treats and opening boxes with treat surprises inside! He has a submissive demeanor and is often seen lip smacking at the other monkeys in the building.

Here he enjoys a mini box of raisins!
All of the monkeys love their daily produce as well!

Fargo is a playful monkey who enjoys new enrichment and loves the ‘recipe days’ when he receives special food treats such as baby cereal or cooked corn.

Both of these adorable rhesus residents are 16 years old. They can live to be 35-40 years old! We look forward to providing quality care to them for their lifetime and we are so thankful for the involvement and support of the community.

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