The Progress Is Right!

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After many hours of grant writing and obtaining estimates, Primates Incorporated submitted our compelling case for monkey retirement to the DJ&T Foundation. Bob Barker, former host of The Price Is Right, is integral to this foundation and an all-around amazing person and animal lover.

Last week, we received a response and a substantial donation from the DJ&T Foundation! We will now be able to install our driveway, our nature trail, and begin building a portion of our enriching monkey house! (Talk about groundbreaking!) We are very thankful to the DJ&T Foundation for having confidence in our organization and efforts to get off the ground to construct this much-needed monkey sanctuary. We will also share this wonderful news with other foundations to encourage further support.

Thanks to YOU, our supporters, we were able to demonstrate to the DJ&T Foundation that we have been making steadfast progress for the past 11 years and are well on our way to helping monkeys in need. Our support continues to grow!

17 acres of rurual land located near rural Westfield, W

17 acres of rural land located near Westfield, WI. We plan on installing an educational nature trail that will be separate from the future sanctuary. The indoor/outdoor monkey sanctuary will be located in a secluded area on the land so the monkeys can live out the rest of their lives in peaceful, spacious, and enriching environments.