Supplies Needed – Thank you!

Donate To Our Wishlist

Primates Incorporated is always in need of daily items that help enrich our retirees lives, keep them safe and well-fed. Many of these items listed can also be found on our Amazon Wishlist page. Please consider purchasing and donating items from this list in your charitable giving plans. Thank you!

Items that we need:
  • Gift Certificates, Gift Baskets, or Products (for our silent auctions we host at least twice annually)
  • Enrichment: Timothy hay, birdseed, natural peanut butter, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, honey, durable chew toys, and felt blankets.
  • Vegetation: bamboo plants, fig trees, and banana trees for indoor enclosures; raspberry and blackberry plants for perimeter of property; plants for our outdoor gardens such as lettuce, tomato, asparagus, and cucumbers; and prairie land plants to help maintain our 10-acre prairie land)
  • Outdoor Needs: PVC pipes for benches – (1 or 1.25 inch diameter), horse fence panel 2”x4” mesh opening (5ft x 16 ft long) to construct walkways, culverts, boulders, treated lumber to create climbing structures, untreated lumber for raised garden beds, playground equipment, dirt for planting above-ground gardens, durable chain or sisal rope for hanging hammocks, carabiners for hanging chain, chainsaw for cutting branches, and gardening tools
  • Sanctuary Supplies: Nitrile gloves, shoe covers, laundry detergent, straw for bedding (small square bales), Simple Green Cleaner, and dish soap