Primates Inc. Receives Award

By 05/02/2018May 3rd, 2018News

PI’s Primatologist, Hilary Kavanaugh, had the exciting opportunity to represent us at the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance’s conference in sunny Gainesville, FL. These conferences are held once a year to gather the top primate sanctuaries in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality of care for captive nonhuman primates. How appropriate that this year’s theme was “Mission Possible: Monkey Retirement”!

We were honored to receive a special recognition from NAPSA in celebration of Primates Inc. retiring our first three monkeys from an out-of-state laboratory. We are looking to the future more than ever and excited to be a part of giving many more primates the retirement they deserve!

Hillary receives award from NAPSA’s Program Director, Erika Fleury