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Batman grooming Mars

The need to help more monkeys

  We are raising money so we can help more monkeys retire from laboratories into sanctuaries. Please visit our GoFundMe campaign at: Here's the good news: More labs are retiring monkeys and sending money to help provide for 1-2 years of care! However, many challenges remain. We are asking for…
Chuck the Amazing Supporter

Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck Stonecipher

We are so grateful to Chuck for supporting Primates Incorporated in a variety of amazing ways! He is definitely a top MVP (most valuable primate!) at Primates Incorporated. We asked Chuck why he supports the sanctuary in addition to many other wonderful causes, and he said: "As a retired primate,…

Mars Gets a Buddy

By Breanne Cyr, Primate Behavior Specialist Like us, monkeys are social primates. Therefore, living with at least one other monkey is ideal for their wellbeing and encourages natural behaviors. Our goal at Primates Incorporated is for the monkeys to be able to live as much like wild monkeys as possible, so forming pairs or groups to…

Welcome Bella to Primates Incorporated

Please Welcome Bella to Primates Incorporated! We are so excited to share with you that Primates Incorporated’s newest resident has arrived!! Bella is a 17-year-old vervet monkey that we helped retire from the pet trade. Her caring owners knew she was getting to be too much to handle and sent…