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Welcome, Junior!

Welcome, Junior! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Junior. He is a 16 yr-old hybrid macaque and he was sent to Primates Incorporated after a New Hampshire farm rescued him from the pet trade. They gave Junior lots of quality care and attention at the farm but wanted…

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Since it is national volunteer week, we want to take a moment to thank the dedicated volunteers who help the monkeys at the Primates Incorporated sanctuary. The care staff and volunteers ensure the monkeys have clean enclosures, healthy/abundant diets, and plenty of enrichment. Here are some shots of the happy…

Welcome Maddie and Noah

Please join us in welcoming Maddie and Noah to the Primates Incorporated sanctuary! The two of them arrived together from a pet ownership after months of planning. They are rhesus monkeys like most of our retirees. We are glad to report that the other monkeys welcomed them into the building…
Izzle licking plate

The Monkeys Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Primates Inc! Staff was so excited to make a Thanksgiving dinner for the monkeys! They got mashed potatoes, raw sweet potatoes, and "pumpkin pie." The monkeys thought it was so good, that Izzle even licked his plate clean! The Meal Bella Batman Jojo Izzle
Marie volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight: Marie Reid

I live in the village of¬†Plainfield, Wisconsin, which is 25 miles from the sanctuary. I have five children ages 16-26. I have worked in food service for the last 30 years and am now finding time to pursue other interests. I have always been interested in primates and was excited…