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The Three Monkeyteers

By Mars the monkey (with help from PI Behavior Specialist, Breanne Cyr) (Mars casually watching his monkey friends) It’s been a while since we’ve shared news from the world of monkey social dynamics at Primates Inc. Let Mars, a 16-year-old rhesus monkey at Primates Incorporated, catch you up to speed:…

Alone No Longer: The Odd Couple Hit It Off

(Photo: Rocky falling asleep as Junior grooms him) Alone No Longer: The Odd Couple Hit It Off By Breanne Cyr (Primates Inc. monkey behaviorist) In case you missed our announcement, Rocky and Junior are now companions living together in the same enclosure! And get this -- not only are they…

New BFFs

We are thrilled to announce that Junior and Rocky are now companions living in the same enclosure! Thanks to the observations of the staff and behavioral team, Breanne Cyr, the Primate Behavior Specialist, was able to determine they would be a compatible pair. Junior and Rocky came to Primates Inc…