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Founder’s Message to Laboratory Personnel

Why I formed Primates Incorporated: A Message to Laboratory Employees I worked in a lab with 97 rhesus monkeys for five years and got to know their personalities and intelligence. The lab got millions for testing on the monkeys but management was against sending them to sanctuary even though the…

Tour Dates and Directions

VIST THE MONKEYS! SANCTUARY TOUR DATES – 2024 Can you find the monkey enjoying his peaceful surroundings? Summer at the Sanctuary is such a special time. The Earth comes alive and the monkeys respond with enthusiasm! Visit us between 11am and 2pm on any of the dates listed below to…

Monkey Mashup Matchup

By: Breanne Cyr, PI behavior specialist Extra, Extra, Read all about it! We’ve recently had some new pairings and social group switch-ups! Our two latest arrivals, Hanu and Ganesh, each came to us housed individually from a research facility. As far as we know, neither of them had lived with…