Thank You Lush Cosmetics!

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Thank you!!

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics provided very generous donation that will help us complete our sanctuary site construction! We greatly appreciate their support!

They are one of our Company Heroes.
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have been long-time supporters of many important causes, including animal welfare and advocacy organizations. We asked for funding through their straightforward grant proposal process, and we received our funding request within three weeks!

When shopping at their website,, please comment to them that you appreciate that they support helping the monkeys retire from research facilities.

The grant director stated:
“Lush is a company actively fighting animal testing in labs, and believe that the least that should be done for primates, and all animals that have been used in testing for human gain, is to provide them a better quality of life, in a sanctuary with open spaces and good care for their remaining time.”

We want to recognize their selfless act of supporting the Primates Incorporated Monkey Sanctuary. Even though they do NOT test on animals in the development of their products – yet they saw that there was a need to help the monkeys living in labs and immediately stepped forward.