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Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Muehrcke

Jill has been volunteering for Primates Inc for many years. Jill is a writer and editor who founded the magazine Nonprofit World in 1983 to help nonprofit leaders manage and lead their organizations. She has been the editor of Nonprofit World ever since. She is also the author of numerous books, including Waking Up Happy.

She says, “When I heard what Amy was accomplishing through her nonprofit organization, I was immediately compelled by her story. I told her I wanted to help in whatever ways I could, and she was quick to take me up on my offer!

“As an animal lover and book lover, I have read a great deal about monkeys and about how we as humans have exploited and traumatized them. I have always wished I could do something concrete to help shift that balance, and Amy gave me my chance.”

Jill edits Primates Inc’s newsletter and other materials. She, along with husband Phillip, has also enjoyed helping to fundraise and staff information booths for Primates Inc. “I couldn’t imagine not volunteering to help Primates Inc,” she says.

“As editor of Nonprofit World, I have worked with the heads of many nonprofits,” Jill says, “and I was impressed by the way Amy has educated herself in all realms of nonprofit management.

“I was inspired still further when I had the chance to see the monkeys in their new sanctuary and to see the great job Amy is doing at acclimatizing them and giving them a kinder, more peaceful new life.”