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Izzle Loves Carrots!

By 05/01/2018May 3rd, 2018News

Message from President and Founder, Amy Kerwin:

Although I love them all equally, there is something very special about Izzle’s gentle and shy demeanor, which is why I chose to donate to Izzle’s daily care costs by sponsoring him through our sponsor-a-monkey program.

Rhesus macaques are omnivorous primates who especially enjoy their fresh fruits and vegetables. I love to sit with the monkeys during their breakfast and dinners and take in the sounds of them munching, chewing and slurping their food. In the lab, monkeys are rarely afforded the opportunity of a large meals of fresh fruit and vegetables—this is one of the reasons why we decided on creating the “Lip-smackin’ good” campaign for our sanctuary. 

Additionally, lip smacking behavior (opening and closing of lips at a rapid pace) is often a friendly gesture seen between two primates.
If you’d like to learn more about how you can help pay for the cost of care for your favorite monkey, please visit Thank you!