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Happy Domes Day!

Today we celebrate Domes Day!

Thanks to the support of donors, foundations, and volunteers, the greenhouse domes are up and running for the monkeys! Each pair of monkeys now has four enclosures to travel between!

The greenhouse domes help the monkeys go to a sunny and warm space without the wind or rain to get in their way!

We plan on planting more vegetation inside and outside of the domes. If you have any connections to obtaining edible plants such as mint, dill, basil, wheat grass, and parsley, please let us know.

Maddie grooming Noah.

Maddie (Right) and Noah (Left) – both are retired from the pet trade and are loving sanctuary life.

Maddie grooming Noah.

Jojo – the life of the monkey building. He is always on the go and super playful at just one year of age. He is retired from the pet trade.

Elder Izzle checking out the enclosure. He was worried about the other monkeys and where they were going. He did not enter his entire enclosure on the first day. He loves to oversee operations!

Here he is checking out the greenhouse walkway construction:

Batman checking out the enclosure for the first time.

Bella and Jojo bravely entered the enclosure and love their swings and oak stumps!

Mars: “Hey, Timon – come check this out!”

The sanctuary is currently home to eight monkeys who are retired from laboratories and the pet trade. We are proud to provide them with plenty of space and dignity:

Letting Monkeys Be Monkeys.

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