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Volunteer Spotlight: Brittany P.

By 08/11/2020October 11th, 2020News

“I love animals and try to surround myself with them as much as possible! I have been working with lab monkeys for nearly a decade and am still amazed daily by their unique personalities. I decided to start volunteering at Primates Inc. as a way to support primate retirement. I have so much respect for the sacrifices these monkeys make to benefit humans, and want to help facilities like this succeed so more monkeys can be retired in the future.

I have been volunteering with Primates Inc. since June 2019 as a behavior volunteer, helping with behavioral data collection, training and enrichment. My favorite part about coming to the sanctuary is seeing the social bonds form between all the pairs. There’s nothing better than watching a nice long grooming session!”

Observing and documenting primate behavior is a powerful tool for evaluating welfare and ensuring the monkeys thrive at the sanctuary. Thanks so much for donating your time and for being a part of the behavioral team, Brittany!