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Advice from the Retirees for 2021

Fallon, the amazing animal care manager, took the time to go through some of our favorite moments with the monkeys. Here is her FB post from this week in case you missed it!
“I’m sure we are all looking forward to 2021! In looking through monkey pictures, we realized that we could all learn a thing or two from the monkeys. Best wishes to a happy and healthy new year! Donate today to ensure the monkeys continue to receive the quality care they deserve:”

Batman: Read more books.

Izzle: Give yourself a new look. (that’s Izzle’s bedhead hehe)

Izzle: Stay Informed

Bella: Indulge yourself every once in a while.

Jojo: Become a plant owner.

Izzle: Practice Meditation.

Mars says: I agree with Izzle.

Jojo: Live your best life.

Mars: Challenge yourself.

Mars: Practice self care.

Batman: Eat more produce.

Timon: Spend time in nature.

Bella: Spread love.

Timon: Connect with your inner child.

Bella: Stay active.

Izzle: Make time for naps.