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Our Primate MVPs!

We are grateful for the following Most Valuable Primates for their dedication to Primates Incorporated:

Bob Barker

Bob was an animal lover and a generous supporter of so many wonderful animal causes. We approached his Foundation (DJ&T Foundation) in 2018 to let them know about our plans. They provided generous donations over the years, ending with a $200,000 donation that went to staff costs and the construction of our next sanctuary building to help more monkeys in need.

Without Mr. Barker’s Foundation, it is possible we still might be raising funds to get off the ground. We are grateful to have gained the support of such an amazing celebrity. He passed away in 2023 and will be missed by so many. His legacy lives on.

Chuck Stonecipher

Chuck read about Amy’s story in the Isthmus and wanted to help Primates Incorporated get established. He generously volunteered his time and donated to support the construction of the monkey sanctuary. Chuck purchased 2 acres of land and a 3 bedroom house that is next to the sanctuary land in order to strengthen our intern program! Interns can now stay at the house with free rent and utilities in exchange for donating their time.

He also learned that we had a loan that helped us complete the sanctuary building, and he agreed to take half of it over interest free and then forgave the loan in 2023! We are all amazed at his generosity to help us succeed into the future. We are honored he has put such faith into Primates Inc.

Pat & Mari Buccholz

This amazing family donated the funds to purchase 17 acres of land in 2014! Mari read about us in the Isthmus in 2007 and wanted to find a way to help! The donation helped give us a great head start and accelerated the fundraising for us because we were able to SHOW our progress!

Asenath LaRue & Art Montana

After reading about Primates Incorporated in a news article, Asenath and Art became enthusiastic supporters. They know there are thousands of monkeys living in UW Madison labs who rarely get sent to sanctuaries. They support Primates Inc and its efforts to work with labs to help monkeys achieve sanctuary.

By setting an example of what is possible, we hope local labs will send more monkeys to sanctuary. Asenath and Art support the sanctuary financially and provided a loan to help us pay off the original angel lenders. They forgave the loan and so Primates Inc. is now debt free!

Claudia Cooper

Claudia relocated to Madison, WI after she retired from her career in California. She loved primates and was excited to learn of the Westfield monkey sanctuary nearby! She signed up to be an animal care volunteer in 2018 and on top of all of her volunteer hours, she frequently goes shopping for the monkeys, and generously donates to the various ongoing needs of the sanctuary.

It is heartwarming to see Claudia light up as she talks about the monkey residents and their individual personalities and preferences.

Nikki Hronis

Nikki learned about us from a supporter when we were first getting established. She is a community liaison contact for the Oshkosh Humane Society and is an expert in planning and fundraising for nonprofits. She has assisted with fundraising advice and has provided generous support over the years that helped get Primates Inc. off the ground and keep it running.

She is a huge advocate for the monkeys in addition to the many animals she helps through the humane society.

Fosnow Family

We purchased the farmland that used to belong to the Fosnow Farm. It was divided and the neighbors, Jeremy and Viri Fosnow were supportive of our efforts and moving into the rural community. Jeremy’s parents, Bud and Rita Fosnow, spoke out in support of our efforts early on at the local township meeting. We will always be grateful for their kindness and support.


The animal care volunteers work along side the primary caretaker and assist in cleaning, preparing enrichment, and cutting up produce. The behavior volunteers help monitor the primate behavior to ensure they are displaying natural behaviors. Both types of volunteers learn about the monkeys and get to know their unique personalities.

We are grateful that they show such dedication to the monkeys. Sanctuary volunteers and volunteer groups also help improve the sanctuary grounds and make enrichment for the monkeys. All of these volunteers help save the organization thousands of dollars per year.


It is so tough to obtain funding to help monkeys achieve sanctuary. We are grateful to the foundations who recognize the monkeys deserve to be sent to sanctuary.