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Thank You 2018 Supporters for Making the Sanctuary Possible

By 03/01/2019March 9th, 2019News

Thank you to the many amazing humans who helped the Primates Incorporated sanctuary thrive in 2018!

Download PDF here to view the many wonderful supporters.


Bob Barker and The DJ&T Foundation – Bob Barker and his foundation have continuously provided funding for the building, greenhouse domes, and professional staff—the monkeys would not be here without them!

Chuck Stonecipher – Chuck became a supporter in 2018 and he volunteered countless hours, supported staff and building costs, and enabled us to get a volunteer and education center!

Mari and Patrick Buchholz – The Buchholz Family donated money in 2013 to ensure we could purchase land, and then provided a loan to help the organization get up and running!

We could not operate the sanctuary without you – Thank you!

View entire list here.