Volunteering for Primates Incorporated

By 02/06/2019 February 27th, 2019 Events

Have you been interested in volunteering for Primates Incorporated?

Now is the time!

We have many volunteer opportunities available — from on-site construction and animal care — to off-site foundation research and event planning.We are seeking volunteers to help us complete the enclosures in the greenhouse domes so the monkeys can enter them during the winter. Your volunteer help will save Primates Incorporated thousands of dollars! In exchange for volunteering, your name will be placed on our geodesic dome as a Primate Dome Builder! Please contact amy@primatesinc.com if your family, coworkers, or friends would like to schedule a group work and we will work around you. Thank you!

To view a list of the volunteer duties, please visit: primatesinc.com/volunteer/

Our next volunteer meeting that will be focused on fundraising for Primates Incorporated will be:

Wednesday March 6th, 6:30p at Cool Beans Coffee Cafe – 1748 Eagan Rd Madison, WI 53704

We will be discussing finding new creative ways to fundraise for the monkeys! Providing lifetime care for them is costly! Thank you for your help!