Ribbon Cutting Ceremony June 29th

After 16 years of efforts, the Primates Incorporated monkey sanctuary is up and running in Marquette County and is helping six monkeys so far. Join us to celebrate the opening of the Volunteer and Education Center, which will be the starting location for the scheduled tours for up to ten visitors a week over the summer.

We are very grateful to Chuck Stonecipher for donating the center to enable Primates Incorporated to involve the community in volunteering at the sanctuary and helping it prosper.

Stop by any time between 11a and 3p on Saturday, June 29th, and meet the Primates Incorporated staff and volunteers while we celebrate the opening of the volunteer and education center. Walk the nature trail and you will be able to view the monkeys from a distance without disturbing them.

Family friendly and free entry although donations are appreciated.

The Primates Incorporated sanctuary provides permanent and enriching homes to monkeys retiring from the pet trade, research facilities, and the entertainment industry.

After June 29th, the sanctuary will be giving supervised tours to up to ten people a week by appointment only. If you would like to schedule a visit or to volunteer at Primates Incorporated, please email info@primatesinc.com.