Let’s Complete the Domes!

We are seeking volunteers to help us complete the two geodesic domes for the monkeys! Your volunteer help will save Primates Incorporated thousands of dollars! In exchange for volunteering, your name will be placed on our geodesic dome as a Primate Dome Builder!

Our Goal:

To obtain the help of 2-5 volunteers for a half day and empower them to complete the domes. Please let us know if your friends, family, or coworkers may be interested in coming up for half of the day. We’ll work around you. Thank you!

Rodney, the dome expert says: “All skill levels are welcome. We may lift up to 35 lbs, climb scaffolding and ladders, walk a lot, use screw guns and drills, hammers. Extra people will always help for ladder holders, pealing glazing, handing things up, etc.”.