Growing Spaces Blog – Progress Report!

By 08/13/2018 August 24th, 2018 Events

We are excited to work with Growing Spaces to create these amazing domes that will support vegetation all year long! Our monkey residents will be able to exit into their greenhouse enclosures during the wintertime.

Since there is such a need to help monkeys, our indoor/outdoor sanctuary will serve as an innovative prototype for any caring community in any climate. These domes will contain a large pond that will help with temperature regulation and will include a calming waterfall feature so the monkeys can have additional enrichment. We will also be able to grow vegetation for the monkeys such as fig trees and banana trees and edible flowers. We will be completing the inside of the domes and adding the monkey enclosures over the next couple of months – stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to Growing Spaces for providing the expertise and quality materials!