Bob Barker Makes More Dreams Come True!

Bob Barker, a well-known celebrity and animal advocate, formed the DJ&T foundation in 1995 to assist with spaying and neutering cats and dogs. The foundation has since broadened its guidelines to help other animal causes. As a result, Primates Inc. received a $50,000 donation from the foundation in 2015, which helped us begin constructing the foundation for the sanctuary building.

We spoke to the Foundation’s trustee in May about our progress. ¬†We filled out a grant proposal to assist us in covering 1/3 of the building costs and 1/3 of the operating costs. We just found out last week that the foundation fulfilled our grant request!

His donation, combined with the recent foundation donations, a contribution from the laboratory who created a waiting list for the first monkey retirees, and public support have allowed us to raise $197,000 toward our goal of $385,000 (the amount needed to launch the sanctuary plus six months of operating costs).

Thank you, Bob Barker and The DJ&T Foundation! We will come up with a special tribute to you on our land to honor your generosity and legacy.