“As long as the FDA testing regulations and the primate research industry exist, the least we can do as a society is give back to the primates by retiring them out of laboratories into spacious and enriching sanctuaries.”
– President and Founder, Amy Kerwin

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About Us


Our Mission

Primates Incorporated improves the quality of life for monkeys retiring from research facilities, private ownerships, and the entertainment industry.

The Need

Researchers from across the country contact us annually to retire their monkeys; the problem is that most sanctuaries are full and they often have to reject the researchers and the monkeys. Primates Incorporated aims to fulfill this niche by constructing an enriching and spacious primate sanctuary here in Wisconsin while serving as a prototype for other states to establish their own community-supported sanctuaries.

Our Objectives

We plan to fulfill this mission by:
• Educating the public about primate-related issues such as their habitat in nature, the importance of their psychological well-being in a captive setting, and progress made in the 3R’s of nonhuman primate research: reduction, refinement and replacement

• Assisting in placing primates at appropriate sanctuaries as rescue scenarios arise

• Promoting primate rescue by recognizing the important work of existing primate sanctuaries

• Researching new funding opportunities, hosting outreach events, expanding our volunteer base, and networking with the community in order to establish an innovative, spacious, and enriching primate sanctuary in southern Wisconsin.

• Collaborating with an advisory board consisting of a combination of professionals with various backgrounds in order to provide the most appropriate accommodations for the primates

• Collecting behavioral information on animals prior to their placement, performing behavioral observations directed at improving their well being, and providing the rehabilitation results to the public via online resources and newsletters

Did You Know?

• The 2010 USDA Animal Welfare Report indicates that 71,317 primates are housed in U.S. laboratories, while 54,435 are on standby to be used in research. (Approximately 8,000 monkeys are housed in Wisconsin research facilities.)

What we do know is that there are researchers out there who are planning for the retirement of their primates from research as we speak.

• Even if as few as 1% of the primates had a chance at retirement, the handful of primate sanctuaries in the country could not accommodate the primates.

• The problem is that it is difficult to find funding to retire monkeys and it takes a lot of effort by both the sanctuaries and researchers to coordinate the retirement of the monkeys.

• If funding is not available and/or the primate sanctuary cannot accommodate additional primates, the researcher may get turned down, and then the primates will likely be sold to another study or kept on as breeders.

• Primates Incorporated aims to build a sanctuary and serve as a prototype for other communities to establish their own sustainable sanctuaries so that the thousands of primates who have a chance at retirement can finally get the peaceful sanctuary they deserve.


Additionally, the primate sanctuaries are filled with monkeys who were former pets. As monkeys age, they become aggressive towards humans. As a result, they are often confiscated by authorities and are sent to a monkey sanctuary. It is a sad situation for all involved. What's worse is that former pet monkeys require intense rehabilitation because of the unnatural/human-based environments they were forced to live in.

Various Ways to Help Our Cause

We need to raise $600,000 to make the sanctuary a reality!

Donate Online

Donations can also be sent by mail to: PO Box 7384 Madison, WI 53707.
We are an official nonprofit organization, and so donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

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